GPS logger with big memory?
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GPS with extremely large memory? I'm looking for something pretty much exactly like the Sony GPS-CS1 (reviewed here )... but that will allow me to download the data to a Mac when I'm done. (Though the GPS-CS1 mounts as a regular drive on a PC, it won't on a Mac...)

Basically, I want something that will log to its internal memory for a very long time - I'm talking at least a few days - and then let me download that data. Time resolution doesn't have to be great - even only once a minute would be fine.

Discussed but not really answered here. I do not want to have to download my track religiously every day. Every couple days, maybe.
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Wintec WBT-100 or WBT-200 look like they might fit your requirements.

Looks like the author of GPSBabel found how to download the logged data from the Wintec devices to a Mac either via bluetooth or via USB.

However it appears it could be better in some areas according to this review.
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Response by poster: I guess it's the Sony, then. The Wintec has a vastly smaller memory.

Apparently other people have had no problem mounting it on Linux or OS X, so maybe that one guy just had some weird problem.
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