What to do with a countertop convection/grill oven?
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What sorts of things can I cook in a countertop convection/grill oven?

The college where I live has replaced hot plates in kitchens with microwaves like this one. This was a bummer because it means it is no longer easy to cook things like filled pasta (is that possible with a microwave?) But upon closer inspection the microwave has an electric element on the roof, and a convection option as well.

I'm not much of a cook, but I'm curious as to what sorts of things I could cook in the oven. Any suggestions? Keep in mind that it is pretty small.

Also, how can I adjust recipes that expect a conventional oven for this one? Is it possible to boil things in it instead of using a stove/hot plate?
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Re: filled pasta - are you talking about frozen ravioli or tortellini? If so, I've always had pretty good luck cooking those in a regular microwave. I put them in a bowl with whatever sauce I'm going to use, and thin the sauce out with a bit of water (it will cook off). Cover a little bit and cook for a few minutes, then check them. I think it usually takes 5 minutes or so.

Not as good as when they're boiled on a stove, but tasty nonetheless.
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rossination: Yes. Thanks.
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Try this link for info. I've messed around with similar convection ovens and if you make small baked goods (make your cookies small, use tiny muffin tins) and keep a close eye on things you can squeeze out acceptable results, but it really seems to depend on the oven itself. Frozen pizzas, egg rolls, empanadas, etc are just ok; cheese toast is the bomb. Just boil pasta using the burner on top, like a regular stove.
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I had a similar oven in my room when I was stationed overseas. Mine was just the convection oven part with no microwave. We cooked all SORTS of stuff in that thing. I think the most impressive was Thanksgiving dinner using Cornish hens instead of turkey. With a little planning, some work, and an imagination, you can probably be the most popular room on the block. I know mine was.
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I am guessing that the oven works more as an actual convection oven rather than a griller. My gas oven at home has an element in the top but it's strictly for grilling things.

If the heat is fairly evenly distributed through the oven, you could make some great small roasts. A potato or two, a small chicken, some vegies.

The other way around this is to buy a small electric hotplate. You should be able to find one cheap, plug it in and off you go. If you can't get an electric hotplate for under $30.00 from somewhere, I'd be surprised.
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