Tailgating in Buffalo, NY
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I will be attending a NFL-Buffalo Bills game in Buffalo on November 5. I’m looking for some tailgating advice.

A friend of mine is a big Buffalo Bills fan. We will be driving to Buffalo from St. Louis, MO that weekend. Although I’m not a Bills fan myself, I’ve agreed to tag along since I think it will be a fun road trip. I want to set up a tailgate and I’d like some Buffalo-specific advice from anyone who has tailgated in Buffalo. Since we’re driving a Ford F-150 we’ll have plenty of room in the bed to bring whatever is necessary. I’ve watched enough games on TV that I presume the weather will be cold, windy, with rain/snow. Is there a particular parking lot that is best?
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I've gone to one game in Buffalo (two or three years ago). We got there an hour or two before kickoff, and ended up parking in some guy's front lawn (about a 5-10 minute walk away). I imagine if you are planning on tailgating, you will arrive much earlier.

Plan on the worst weather possible. Dress in layers, and don't neglect gloves and thick (or extra) socks. I'm not sure how bad it gets in the staduim, since I was in a box.
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Response by poster: Thanks. Yes, we will be staying near the stadium so we will attempt to set-up very early in the morning. I hope someone can let me know which parking lot to select so my buddy can party with his fellow Bills fans.
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You could not get away from partying Bills fans if you tried, whether in an official lot or one of the many private lots.

Stadium lots open 4 hours before kickoff. People start at about 8 a.m. in the private lots no matter what time the game is.
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Just a slight tip for tailgating, sunscreen. More often than not it is something you'll overlook, but if it is sunny (or even slightly cloudy) being in the sun for multiple hours of the tailgating and the game it is war on your skin.

Also, for the virgin tailgater, wherever you might land, make sure you have your bearings as to toilet locations, it'll help you out in the longterm (especially if you plan on drinking).
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Response by poster: sacre_bleu, thanks. I think I'll just pick one of those official cash lots surrounding the stadium then. Preferrably one near some toilets because yes, banannafish, there will be drinking. And sunscreen is a good call too. I can only hope that it will be necessary in Buffalo in November. Thanks again.
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This link might help. It has a link to the stadium information, as well as other information germaine to tailgating in Buffalo. Have fun!
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Since you've gotten a few good answers, I just wanted to throw this humorous anecdote in here: apparently back in the day in Buffalo, people would tailgate like usual in the parking lot. But they'd also buy a ticket for their keg, and bring it into the stadium with them, and just throw it on the end of their bench (bench seating). Imagine being able to do that today??
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Be aware: there is increased security around the stadium after some fights and other problems at the opener.
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