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Can anyone give me extra info on the US Immigrations and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE)?

I'm working on a documentary about the "immigration" raids that occured this September 15th in Stillmore GA. We are interviewing the people of the town and some of the Mexicans that were detained, but would like some extra info on ICE. How to deal with them, if it comes to that. Ive done my research on them but would like some more input. Thanks!
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You say you've done your research, but then you want more info. Is there a specific kind of info you're looking for?

Do you want:
1. some particular piece of public info that MeFi'ers could help you find on the web (if so, what?), or
2. insider information that only someone who works for ICE will have (if so, what?), or
3. anecdotes of people's personal encounters with ICE (if so, is there anything specific you're interested in)?
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Have you tried Google? Not to be snarky, this comment will probably get deleted, but I think that's a perfectly sound answer to the question given.
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Back on topic -- the above poster seems to do nothing here (and across the web) other than blogwhore his anti-immigrant site -- are you wanting background on the reforms that separated the INS into USCIS and ICE? The organisation of ICE? Its practices?
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Response by poster: I'm loooking for:
1. insider info
2. background on the reforms that separated the INS into USCIS and ICE?
And yes, I did try google. It just seems very black and white and over the top... does that make sense?
We are interviewing the mayor and new factory workers.

thank you!
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