Palm or Windows Mobile?
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I am trying to decide between the iPaq rx1955 and the Palm TX. Can anyone offer any insight?

I have looked at both, the price point is similar, the features are similar, etc. There's the obvious difference of Palm OS and Window Mobile, but which one do you think is best?

I plan on using the unit for scheduling and WiFi internet/email. I could care less about watching videos, etc.

Durability is also VERY IMPORTANT! I am extremely rough on whatever is in my pocket and I suppose I am looking for a slim case to protect my investment.
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I was a Palm user for years, and switched to an iPaq rx3115 for the wifi when I found a good deal. My Palms would always "just work" and the freeware available was almost endless. Windows Mobile, on the other hand, is everything bad about regular Windows and more. Unless you already use Outlook, Palm Desktop does what you need with much less bulk.

I'd go with the Palm for Bluetooth, better battery life, better screen, and freeware availability.

Also - despite what you might read, the iPaq isn't fast enough for Skype voice.
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Go with the TX and this case and you will be happy.
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I heartily endorse the Palm TX, and recommend it most heartily. Indeed, very heartily. Caveat: The web browser on the iPaq is better than the Palm web browser, but at that resolution it's a fairly moot point. Moot. (sorry, I just like to say moot. Moot!).
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I'm happy with the TX too, but can't make a comparison having never used the iPaq. The alumininum case for the TX is bulky but seeing the scratches and dings in it lets me know that the case is doing it's job. The TX is an update for a still functioning m500, also in an aluminum case. The TX has both wifi and Bluetooth. With the TomTom GPS add on its been my navigation in rental cars (I spent 4 months on the road so far this year). One card stores hours and hours of music and a second card holds a couple hundred pictures plus PPT, Excel, Word docs and Filemaker Mobile databases. Filemaker Pro is a superb database and having the mobile version for PDAs is great! The TX display is nice and big and you can use portrait or landscape view.

I have to add that it was a shock to see the name on the post above... didn't know there was another one on MeFi.
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Best answer: TX. Palm OS is light years better than Windows Mobile.
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Palms just work. They may not offer as much of the fancy multimedia (like play videos), but then again they don't crash just as you're going to update someone's phone number. "Oh sorry, hold on a minute, my PDA just crashed, wait, wait, it's booting ..."

Palm vs. Windows Whatever is the easy choice. Which Palm to go with is the harder choice.
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I have a Palm TX and have nothing but praise for it, but as a caveat you should know it runs Palm OS 5.4 (Garnet). A lot of the sites I researched before buying it seem to feel that the Palm OS is on it's last legs - as evidenced by, among other things, the total limbo in which Palm OS 6 (Cobalt) is lost, and Treo releasing a device running Windows Mobile. This might well be the last generation of devices using the Palm OS, which ultimately didn't deter me from buying an excellent PDA with a very large and active fan base, and a lot of good user created apps. The TX serves me well as an awesome email checker, general purpose ebook reader, mobile platform for watching "Scrubs" (plays video just fine, though that isn't one of your criteria), and listening to my cheesy eighties mp3s, as well as it's actual intended functions as an organizer. MY palm has a thumbs up on it for the Palm TX. (Thank you... try the veal.)
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Well, I've had an iPaq (worst name ever, BTW) 3115 for a couple of years now, and I think it's great. Good battery life, surprisingly good multimedia. The only problems I ever had with it were when I was trying to really stretch its capabilities (Skype, for example. It technically works, but I'd only use it in an emergency. I think models with faster processors (>400MHz) do OK with it, though). It also comes with a very nice leather slipcase that has protected it from several fairly serious drops, but is still small enough to be pocketable.
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Palms do play video, with outstanding performance/efficiency. You just have to download the (free & wonderful) universal player TCPMP.
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Best answer: I recently bought a Palm TX (after advice from here) and must say I've got nothing but praise for it.

Now if only I could find a [free] Jabber/MSN client for it, I'd be set!
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