Anything coming up on the Nintendo DS Lite?
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Is there any reason I should not buy a Nintendo DS Lite?

I'm interested in the Nintendo DS Lite gaming system. Mainly, I'm interested in games like Brain Age, Nintendogs, and Super Mario Cart. I have no real interest in football or high strategy games. I know there are other gaming systems out there, but from my brief discussion with the Target salesperson, it seems as though those are much more robust than what I need. Please correct me if I'm misinformed.

Is there any reason I shouldn't buy a Nintendo DS Lite? Is there an updated version of the DS Lite coming out soon? I did some cursory research on the system and I couldn't find any solid information on upcoming system releases. I just don't want this to be a repeat of my purchase of an iPod in early October of last year...about a week before the Video came out. Had I done my research/due diligence then I might have noticed that Something Big was coming soon. I want to say I did my research this time.

Thanks to all!
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Nope... the new colors (black and pink) have just come out this month. I absolutely love my (white) DS Lite... and I had a regular before that - the Lite is so much better. I can actually play outside now - the old DS was hard to see when outside, even if I wasn't in direct sunlight.

No new system upgrades coming as far as I know, and I keep up on these things.
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The next big thing from Nintendo is Wii this fall- I really doubt that there will be enhancements to the DS in the next year, save possible new colored exteriors.

I love my DS. It's essentially perfect.
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I just got a DS Lite today. I am totally blown away by the quality of the screens, and by game availability: if you count Game Boy Advance games, which also play on the DS, there are literally hundreds and hundreds of games available for less than $20 each. And Japanese DS games play just fine on an American DS, so the total game library is probably the largest for any handheld system. Plus, thanks to the dual-screen and touch-screen, the DS has some really neat games that no other system does: both Big Brain Academy and the upcoming Elite Beat Agents do a lot of cool things with the touchscreen.

You should get one!
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Aside from new games, the next big DS things will be Opera and DS-Wii connectivity. There's no reason not to by one now if you want to play games now.

I plan on putting Brain Age's sudokus through the paces during jury duty next week.

You know while waiting around...
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I just got a black Lite (har) and it's sooo pretty and I can't decide which games to spend cash on next. The only major issue I considered was that a small number have been reported to develop cracks in the hinges. I think this might be due to the cover snapping into its fully open position, which puts a bit of extra stress on the hinge plastic. Anyway, last I heard Nintendo was likely to fix the problem for free.
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Best answer: Yes, I can think of one very good reason not to buy a DS now, or ever for that reason, especially if you're thinking of buying Mario Kart along with it.

You won't get anything done at all until you've unlocked everything.
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from my brief discussion with the Target salesperson, it seems as though those are much more robust than what I need

As in only hardcore gamers are interested in, say, the PSP? That's interesting, 'cause all the hardcore gamers I know swear by their DSes. It's a good system.
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Is it time for another Mario Kart MeTa thread?

Yes, you should go ahead and buy a DS Lite now. It's a great machine and has fun (Mario Kart) and unusual (Trauma Center) games.
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Just chiming in with everyone else. I love my DS Lite. All I play on it is Mario Kart, New SMB, and Brain Age, and I still think it's worth it.
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You could start making a dent in a lifetime of great literature? (You did say any reason:)
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I have the older DS Fat and I've liked it a lot. The form factor is kind of klunky; it's a little too heavy, and has an odd shape, making it a bit awkward to hold for extended periods. It doesn't look as cool as the Lite, and the screen isn't as good. However, it plays all the same games, can be hacked to run homebrew stuff if you care about that, and you can pick them up used for a lot less.

That would be the least expensive way to play the games you want, if the cost is an issue.

As far as DS v. PSP.... hardcore geeks often like the PSP, but the DS has lots more games, many of which are real gems. I think the Target guy was steering you in the right direction.
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The only reason I wouldn't buy a DS Lite is that I have enormous hands and the original DS is hard enough on them. I'm not advocating buying something besides a DS, it is still clearly the better of the two handhelds out right now.
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Heee I converted vorfeed!

The DS Lite is very cool. Go for it.
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I bought a DS Lite (white) yesterday with Bomberman DS. I must say I'm happy with both products so far.
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Heee I converted vorfeed!

It's true! Thank you very much. I can't wait to get that dictionary in the mail.

On topic: get the DS! I am having a tremendous amount of fun with Advance Wars DS -- it's a strategy game with tiny army men. It has a number of different modes you can play, a bunch of hidden stuff to unlock, and even a little wifi game you can play together if your friend (or that guy in the airport) has a DS but not a copy of Advance Wars. You might like it... I would definitely not call it high strategy, more like the sort of thing you can pick up and play in little 10 minute chunks if you want to. Plus, you can get it for $17 used.

By the way, there's a list of DS games in approximate order of quality at Metacritic. Maybe that will help you decide if the DS is for you.
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On the topic of to DS Lite or not to DS Lite: Have they solved the hinge-cracking thing with this new generation of pretty pink and black Lites?

That has been my only concern about switching from a DS Fat to a Lite.

(But as for whether to buy a Nintendo DS in general, the answer is yesyesyes! Except that Skorgu is right: The DS is so addictive you may lose interest in the outside world.)
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If you hate all joy and fun, then that would be a reason not to buy a DS.
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A regular DS will have a bigger screen then a DS Lite.
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Delmoi - not true. The screens are the same size. source
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also, delmoi, the DS lite screen is MUCH brighter. I have a regular and a friend of mine has lite. I am very jealous of his. It can be hard to see the screen on mine if the room is too light, and forget playing most games outside.
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Response by poster: Thanks to all for the awesome answers! I am perusing Metacritic as I type, and I will be heading to Target in a scant few minutes to make my purchase. Thanks again!!
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For the DS vs DS Lite debate, you should really look at Cabel Sasser's three-part video review [one, two, three].
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As everyone has mentioned above, the DS (regulare or lite) is just a cool fucking little machine. The touch-screen is very intuitive. Having two screens works very well for some games (in New Super Mario Bros, you can see how many star coins you have, how what your "extra" item is and how far along you are). The wireless capabilities are neat - with most games you can even play with a friend who doesn't have the same game, it will just download the necessary software temporarily to the other DS. Nifty!

That said, I actually like the form factor of the DS better than the Lite. It's a little easier to hold even though it is bigger and not as cool looking.
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I bought my DS Lite, in black, nine days ago. I have Brain Age, Big Brain Academy, and New Super Mario. I am 37 years old. Those three games alone made the purchase worthwhile.
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The DS Lite is a wonderful handheld. I had a white one that had cracking issues, and then bought a black one as a replacement. The games are engaging and unique (try Cooking Mama, it's a riot), and the WiFi is great for multi player stuff. I tell anyone who is looking for a good handheld system to pick one up, because it is worth it.

AFAIK the newer pink and black ones have the cracking hinge issue solved.
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