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I'm looking for a good ob / gyn in NYC.

I'm in the market for a new ob / gyn. I had to break up with my last one because she performed something akin to medieval torture on me after a miscarriage last year and I refuse to go back. I want to get pregnant again, so I'm looking for someone local, preferably female, and someone who does not push c-sections and tries to minimize episiotomies during delivery.

I'd ask friends, but none of mine have babies, so I'm kind of in the dark. My primary care physician recommended my last one, so I'm hesitant to ask him for another, considering how badly that went. I have Cigna insurance, if that makes a difference.

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I can highly recommend my gyn - very kind and thoughtful, pleasant UES office, nice staff. I've only gone to her for regular checkups but I have a feeling she'd be easy to work with during a pregnancy too. Here's her info: Dr. Maria Cristina Senor, 1049 5th Ave # 2C, NYC. Phone: (212) 439-0050. Not sure if she takes Cigna... Good luck!
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I am sorry for the troubles you went through and the bad luck with your physician.

In fact I think you *should* let your PCP know about your experience with his recommendation. I hope he does not recommend the same person again! Meanwhile he could suggest others to you.

Look in the Cigna website to find which OBGYNs are in your area and take your insurance. I don't know about Cigna per se, but most of the insurance sites provide extensive information on their doctors (training, present position, affiliations and occasionally ratings). In fact you can even google a doctor's specifications and make your own mind up.

Good luck.
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My wife's OB/GYN is great. Her name is Samantha Feder.
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