Downtown Nashvile: Where to gather the bloggers?
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NashvilleFilter: I am assisting in planning a gathering for a group of library bloggers...and of course, there's

So I'm helping plan a get-together for the upcoming LITA Forum, and need to some advice on cool places within walking distance from the Sheraton Nashville Downtown Hotel that would be good for a group of bloggers to gather, grab a drink, and talk.

WiFi access a bonus, but not necessary. Cool vibe a bonus as well...but the key is definitely being able to talk/network and grab a drink or three.

Anyone have a great place we shouldn't miss?
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There is a Cyber Cafe kinda thing about 3 or 4 blocks from the Sheraton.

The downtown area has lots of great little bars but most aren't quiet. Tootsies is a Nashville tradition. It is more of a Honkey Tonk kind of place, but you will have a blast if you go with a group. Plus it is also in walking distance of your hotel.

The Frist Center (yes it is named for that Frist's family) always has a few cool exhibits. You will miss the neat Egyptian show that is there now, but I am sure something equally fun to check out will be in its place.

We just got a new Symphony Hall also which is quite nice looking and also in walking distance.

If these suggestions don't satisfy you, email me (it is in my profile) and I will try to find something more suited to what you want to do.
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Despite the fact that the Symphony Hall site is apparently down at the moment, it is a beautiful location. It has been getting a lot of mixed reviews, but if you like ornate classical looking buildings it will definitely make you happy.
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Library bloggers? The Country Music Hall of Fame is a must see, and it's in the neighborhood.

The museum houses archives, the motherlode of American music. The papers, instruments and minutia of the country and western greats (and not so greats), past and present. The archives are in the same building, but are seperated by a wall of glass, so you can see it all from the museum exhibits, but you need an appointment to get into that side. Wouldn't that be cool, to dig through that stuff...for country-music-fan-librarians?

If you're lucky you can catch Guthrie Trapp playing at Robert's Western World, on Broadway, with the Don Kelly Band. That's if he's not touring with the Paganini of the dobro, Jerry Douglas or Patty Loveless.

Guthrie's playing will twist your brain all around.
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Interesting - I was just in Nashville for business - the aforementioned Global Cafe is spacious - it is a combo cafe and restaurant. And the people are really nice, and won't bother you if you just buy a drink and use their wifi for the rest of the day.

It is also down the street from Hatch Show Print, (photos) one of the longest continuously running letterpress shops in the East.

If you like barbecue, eat at Jacks. (self link) The downtown is really small and walkable, so go into all of the old record stores and honky-tonks. It is a world to itself.
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