Help me name my LAN party.
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I'm the IT guy at my factory, I just got my higher ups to agree to let me host a LAN party in our large breakroom. I need to think of a witty name for it. I hate to call it XXXXXX Company LAN Party.

I'm planning on opening it to anyone that works in our factory, and they can each bring 1 friend (Should I open it up for more?). I thought of charging 5 dollars if they work there, and 10 if they don't. Cash would be used for Pizza and Prizes, does that sound like too much. I've hosted tons of LAN partys at my house with my friends, but nothing this big.
If enough people come, I would like to have door prizes and tourney prizes. Also have a computer hooked up to the projector so we can project the tourney matches from observer mode and stuff like that.
I'm pretty stoked that my company is letting me do this, so I want to make it really fun for everyone involved. Maybe even hook up my xbox360 to the projector in the off times, or run some emulators and have old school tourneys for small prizes.
Any suggestions all around are welcome.
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You could try to come up with a title that involves whatever it is that your factory makes.
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Plastic inject parts for one of the big three auto manufacturers
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err.. injectED rather
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If you have two projectors, loads of fun can be had by having two xbox systems connected with eight people playing some kind of FPS against eachother.

Bonus if you can arrange the projectors such that the players on one team cannot see the other team's screen, but observers can watch both.
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Plastic LANtastic
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Just out of curiosity, how many people are actually going to show up to this? When I was a factory worker, I know most of my brethern did not own a computer, much less play LAN games. You might be better off with 8v8 console games, as people wouldn't need to lug their computer to the factory and more people have played an XBox than have played Doom.
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I'm hoping at least 30 people from the factory, and if half bring a friend. Our factory is pretty big, and between all three shifts. I allready know the people I have spoken to are pretty stoked about it.
I was planning on brining my xbox360, does anyone know if you can link two together to do halo or halo2 on?
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I was planning on brining my xbox360, does anyone know if you can link two together to do halo or halo2 on?

I don't own a 360, but with the original xbox, two could be connected with via ethernet to play Halo. Using a switch or router, you could hook up more xboxes. For halo 1, you could connect a max of 4 xboxs with 16 people and I believe with Halo 2, you can play up to 16 xboxes with a max of 16 people per game. I can't see why this be any different with a 360, but perhaps someone can answer that more definitively.
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As far as I know, yes. Just set up a hub and network them with ethernet cable. Not sure how well Halo 2 runs now, though. When it first came out, it seemed pretty choppy.
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I second Plastic LANtastic.


Just In Time LAN bash

I could probably come up with more if I knew the name of your company.
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Parts is Parts LAN Party

LAN 9 from Outer Space

It's my LAN Party (and I'll cry if I want to)
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Company name is Kamco Krisjohn
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Maybe the Kamco Krisjohn Killathon?

Maybe not. :)
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The first annual Krisjohn LAN SPAWN!
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Employee Pwned:
Unpaid Overtime Wages War

(best I got)

maybe a visual pun on 'stock options' showing different gun componants (stocks). maybe "make a killing" or "school your coworkers" training session.

Be sure to get some box fans set up...20 computers, 2 projectors, office chairs, and sweat will make that conference room get funky. Also, no offense, but that's the worst company name I've ever heard.
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Uh, I'm Krisjohn, the response was to me. I think a comma got eaten by the Internet trolls.

Kamco LANgo
Kam bake

I keep wanting to use "KLAN", but that's possibly less than diplomatic in some parts of the US.
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Employee Pwned:
Unpaid Overtime Wages War

I love this. If you're not too experienced at LAN parties, make sure you do a dress rehearsal ahead of time to make sure you have the technical side of it well in hand.

Also, I wonder if the concept of prize money might make the competition a little too intense, especially among people who have to work together the next day. Maybe just a big honking trophy for bragging rights purposes?
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I wasn't so much thinking of prize money, more some cool little prizes or something.
Yes. Its not Kamco KrisJohn, its Kamco. As Krisjohn pointed out. I agree Kamco Krisjohn would be a weak name..
Note to self. No more drinking and posting.
Noted about the fans.

I'm leaning towards Employee Pwned may go. I probably won't be putting images of guns or references of killing your coworkers on it, as there was a shooting in a big city nearby not too long ago..
maybe instead of Klan perhaps kLAN or k-Lan.
Awesome suggestions so far though!
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