24 Hr Laundromat in Seacoast NH/Southern ME
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Looking for a laundromat in coastal NH, southern ME, that's either open 24 hours or at least opens 6am or earlier.

I keep odd insomniac hours. I rarely feel motivated to do my laundry during typical, normal human hours, but commonly get the "productive" bug early in the A.M. However, this geographical region is not what you'd call an all-hours town. So, rather than drive around aimlessly seeking a laundromat in the surrounding areas that fits my bizarre hours, I'm asking you.
One note: since I live and work in Portsmouth, I'd rather not venture over the General Sullivan bridge in the early hours of the am, knowing that I'll need to get back over the bridge before work at 8am. So, surrounding towns are fine for this elusive 24hr laundromat, but preferably not Dover/Durham/Somersworth/Rochester...I am thinking more like Portsmouth/Kittery/Eliot/Rye/N. Hampton/Greenland.
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