Female guitarist in Amelie?
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Who is the woman playing the SG guitar in the archive footage featured in Amelie?

Coloured lady rocking out on a guitar shaped like a Gibson SG amongst a group of people, part of the video of inspirational things Amelie gives to Dufael. I unfortunately don't have a screenshot, just hoping someone knows what I'm talking about..
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I think it's Sister Rosetta Tharpe. And so does wikipedia, now that I actually read the article.
posted by jessenoonan at 6:57 PM on September 14, 2006

Wow, quick! It is her, the video is on youtube. Thanks jessenoonan.
posted by oxala at 7:02 PM on September 14, 2006

The actual clip used is in here, but who cares, she is amazing.
posted by oxala at 7:07 PM on September 14, 2006

Fantastic, uplifting video, oxala.
posted by weapons-grade pandemonium at 7:08 PM on September 14, 2006

Yeah, thanks for the clips, oxala.
posted by jessenoonan at 7:13 PM on September 14, 2006

Since the question has been answered, I'll tack on mine - does anyone know the origins of any of the other clips used in Amelie?
posted by bubukaba at 7:14 AM on September 15, 2006

Follow on via Wikipedia and you'll find a list of the clips. At least some of them.
posted by sagwalla at 7:04 AM on September 18, 2006

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