Easy way to uncompress 400 zip archives in a Win XP directory?
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Any easy way to uncompress about 400 zip archives in a Windows XP directory? I thought I was smart but this problem has made me feel dumb.
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Yeah: install Winzip (don't use the default compressed-folder option within XP). Then select all of the archives, right-click, and choose 'extract to here'. And Winzip will unzip each of them, one by one, without any further intervention.
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Then select all of the archives, right-click, and choose 'extract to here'.

Sorry, missed a small step, just to be picky:

right-click, choose WinZip -> 'Extract to here...'
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use a command line program, both winzip and winrar will treat every zip with its own window, which is cumbersome for many files.

Basically you want a command-line winzip so you can just say "unzip *.zip" in the directory using the command prompt and you'll be done in seconds.
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like PKZIP?
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1. get hold of a copy of pkunzip.

2. if all the files are in the same folder you need a batch file like this (make sure there are no space is the files) - i'm assuming the archive folder is c:\archive, and there is no file called tmp.zip. You may need to change % to %% in batch files - I forget.

cd \archive
md tmp
move *.* tmp
cd tmp
rename *.zip *.
for %a in (*.) do pkunzip ..\%a.zip ..\%a
del *.*
cd ..
rd tmp

pkunzip can be found at http://www.sedonadps.com/pkunzip.htm
but I'm not sure of the source (googled), and this may be a trojan, virused file, etc.

Plus - don't trust me on this... really.
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Batch files end in .bat - use notepad to create the file...
Save the file on the desktop as "Gounzip.bat" (When saving, the quotes ARE important.
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I second Winrar. It won't open a new window for each file if you select them all and use the right click menu item in Explorer. You can choose to extract all the archives in place, or each to their own subdirectory. Easy as pie. I have used it for 200+ zip files before, and it's nice and quick.
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Iceows is a little better than winzip, and no annoying nag screen. But I think the command-line pkunzip is the way to go. Just test it on 10 files first, in a separate directory, then go hog wild.
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Another way to do it using WinRar is to open one of the archives, then hit the ".." to go up a level, to the directory. Now you can select them all and hit the extract button.
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