Application that Visually Displays XP Folders in a Pie Graph
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I used to have a little software application that would assess my hard drive and display a colorful pie graph of folders and subfolders, so that it was very easy to visually determine the location of the file bulk. Does anyone remember what I'm talking about? Bonus points for freeware.
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I like Dirgraph. Freeware and open source.
posted by exhilaration at 2:53 PM on August 25, 2006

Spacemonger does this. The free version doesn't do pie graphs, but there's still a visual representation of what folders are taking up the most space.
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dude, WinDirStat
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Not a piegraph, but perhaps Sequoiaview?
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Treesize, I've used it for a while now, lots of options.
posted by Cosine at 3:41 PM on August 25, 2006

JDiskReport does pie charts. It's free and cross-platform too.
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I'll second the recomendation by unexpected for WinDirStat. It is not only freeware but open-source freeware.
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I second Treesize.
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porpoise writes "Not a piegraph, but perhaps Sequoiaview?"

SequoiaView rocks.
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I've used Diskpie.
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WinDirStat is a essentially a more usable version of SequoiaView. It adds the ability to scan more than one drive at once, automatic treemap coloring, a breakdown of space used by file type, and a highly-sortable hierarchical directory listing of the scanned filesystems that stays in sync with whatever you click on the treemap.
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It might be mac only, but I use Disk Inventory X and I find it quite useful.
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thanks for windirstat! I just cleaned out over 15 gigs of files I didn't know I still had.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone. I love the Pac-man aspect of WinDirStat. I figured out right after posting this that I was thinking about FolderSizes, but I think I like some of these others even better!
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