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I have 800 PDFs in a folder. I'd like for them to all have 1) Show Page Only, Page layout to Default, and Magnification to Default 2) Have all the extra stuff removed (bookmarks, metadata, embedded thumbnails) Is there any way to do this as a batch?
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You might search techie sites like cpan.org for a module, perlmonks.org for a similar solved question and download.com for some free/shareware. Reinventing wheels can be fun though.

Personally I'd _attempt_ the above and without result, I'd look at the files in detail; I'd compare the file w/the default properties against a new file saved with the changes you want with a 'diff' type utility/editor. If the changes were consistent I'd figure out a way to emulate those changes to all the docs. A search/replace (probably regular expression necessary but maybe not) should do it if so.

Repost here if you struggle - interesting problem. I wonder it those features are available in the server/pay verion. I would hope so.
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