Fingertipless glove/mittens
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I can't seem to find gloves that don't have fingertips, but they do have a mitten "attachment" that can cover your fingertips. (example inside)

This is pretty much what they look like--although without the USB functionality and I would prefer something that wasn't wool (I get itchy and red when I come into direct contact with wool clothing). I saw these all over the place when I lived in Japan, but I can't seem to find them here in the U.S. I don't want the gloves that have little tops for each finger and I don't like the ones that have leather or thick padding on the palm. I just want a straightforward cotton or weaved or microfiber fingertipless gloves with the mitten that can cover.

Has anyone seen these anywhere? I'm not opposed to buying them from a country outside of the United States as long as there is some English on the website. Thank you!
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I always called these "glittens". I've been able to find them at army surplus stores in several cities across the U.S.
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Dude, they're everywhere here in Michigan in season. Right now? None anywhere. In two months? Every Meijer, Target, etc. I have a couple pairs, and buy new ones every two years or so.
We call 'em smoker's gloves.
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Convertible, aka fingerless, gloves aren't all that uncommon in either brick and virtual shops. It's the non-wool, non-leather, non-suede, non-padded requirements that makes things harder. These look like they might do the trick, although I'm not sure about the padding.
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My Google-Fu has unearthed something called Glomitt or Glomitts. They seem to stock these in sporting goods stores. Here are a couple (Duluth Trading Co, Clothing Warehouse) that are close to the materials that you specified.
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I've got a pair like the ones mdevore posted and a wool pair, and as a comparison, they're not as warm as wool ones by about half, but if you can find them with the thumb-flipover (or whatever it's called), it's well worth it if you need to manipulate small objects. There's always those "hot shots" [example] to take up the slack.
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try a local gun shop or hunting/outdoorsy type place...they usually sell em for hunters so they can get to their trigger finger...but they ROCK for photogs too!

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I'm a knitter, and they seem pretty straightforward to make. If you're interested, send me an e-mail....
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Something like this?
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I got some last year at Target. And I second legotech's suggestion to look out outdoor stores or hunting ses"upply stores. Before I heard the word "glittens", I've always heard them called "shooter's gloves".
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Go to This is a site for handmade items. There are about eight pages of fingerless gloves listed there. All the designers I've seen on this site will also do custom work. If you see something you like, but want a different color or acrylic yarn, that probably won't be a problem.
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Orvis Wind-block Fleece Fingerless Gloves
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It's true- I agree with klangklangston; once the stores stock up on heavy winter gear, they'll be everywhere in mainstream clothing stores. They're trendy because of the cute mitten factor so stores that cater to younger folk like American Eagle should have some.
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Glomitt!! So silly, so obvious! And I never thought about the whole hunting/fishing connection. I like the Orvis ones, but they're a tad pricey. I think I'm going to order these.

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For the benefit of future Googling knitters, Knitty had a great pattern for these called Broad Street Mittens. I made a couple pairs for my husband and myself. (Mine have DUDE and SWEET embroidered on the underside of the mitten caps.)
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urban outfitters has some i think.
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