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WebDesignFilter: I'm wondering if any of the MeFites know of inspirational web design sites that focus on what works in information presentation (e.g., reports etc) as opposed to making attractive home and blog pages?

I'm in the process of building a number of pages on a company's intranet that will be used to present and navigate through report data. Some of this data will be presented in tabular format, some in descriptive text format, some a mixture of both; and while the web seems to abound with sites that highlight other sites that have made creative and attractive use of design and CSS etc, I haven't had much luck in finding sites / pages from which I can draw inspiration for designing pages intended to convey business reporting information. Obviously heavy emphasis should be made of ease of absorbing the information being presented, but I suspect that presentation can make a big difference to ease of use, and it would be helpful to look at how others have approached this task. Any help appreciated!
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the man.
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There is one site I recall but I can't remember the name - it might have been a 2-digit combo like "K7". Sorry I can't be more help but it might prompt others...
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