Is it nostalgia time already?
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Middle-ageNostalgiaFilter: Help me find a book I had as a young teen. I can't tell you very much about it but there's

When I was in junior high I had access to the UMass Amherst Cyber (mainframe for you youngsters). I did a lot of learning and even more goofing off. Near constant companions were David Ahl's Computer Games (in the classic yellow) and another book of computer games. I'm looking for the other book.

Here's all I remember: it was saddle-stitched, had a yellow cover with black print (there was a drawing or something on the cover). I'd guess it was in the 5x7" size (about the size of a Traveller book from the same time, but thicker). If I recall correctly, it was pretty much all computer games. It would have been published between 1978 and 1982, I think. I'm guessing 1979 is probably the year but I didn't get it until 81 at the earliest.

I've searched Worldcat and some other resources and I'm coming up empty handed. I'm hoping one of you has it on your bookshelf and sez "oh, yeah, here it is."
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Just browsing the unanswered. Can you find your book here: ?
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Response by poster: As it turns out, yes! It was the generic Stimulating Simulations by C W Engel. The Vic 20 version is on the commodore page there. I just bought a copy a few minutes ago on ebay :)
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