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On the network, cant hit the internet

I have tried to hook up a family PC to the internet.
It is plugged in to a netgear router. If i type IPCONFIG in the command window it shows mw a valid ip od there is on other PC connected via wireless and other PCs plugged in to the netgear can get on the internet. I have check all settings for TCP/IP DHCP evefrything is AUTO and identical to other computers that work. I just cant get on the internet. I have tried to "repair" the connection but get a messeg saying the TCP/IP is not enabled even though i know it is! What am i missing?
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Sounds like TCP/IP has gone awry.

If you're running windows xp SP2, open a command prompt and enter this command:
netsh winsock reset

Then restart the computer. This will clear the registry of any corrupt TCP/IP settings, usually works for me.

If you're running Windows XP SP1 or earlier, you'll need to clean it up manually.
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Can you ping the other computers on your LAN?

Have you worked through the "New Connection Wizard" under "Set up or change your Internet connection" in the Control Panel and chosen a direct LAN connection to the Internet? You need to have done that at least once so that Windows will set up the default route properly when it sees a LAN interface go online.

You can check whether this is your problem by using the ROUTE PRINT command. If you don't see an entry for your router listed as "Default Gateway", that's likely your problem.
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Is there anything you can do if you're in this situation and you have a Mac?
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