Help me Find and Replace multiple page breaks in InDesign CS 2.
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InDesign CS 2: Removing multiple page breaks throughout a very large document. Is there a symbol for page break that I can use in Find and Replace?

I'd like to remove many, many page breaks in a ~180 page document. I'd like to use Find and Replace, but when I copy the symbol from a page and paste it into the "Find" field, it appears as a normal paragraph return symbol. Is there a way to cause Find to find page breaks and deal with them?
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Nope. No symbol to search for. I suggest one of the following:

1. Turn on "View Hidden Characters," enter story mode, and click+delete 180 times (not *that* bad...could have done it in the time it took to post)

2. Select all, copy to Word, search/replace page break, select all, copy back to InD and hope that none of the formatting/styles got wonky.
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Actually, caretp (^p) is the symbol. Easy as pie.
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OK ignore me. I am wrong!! Sorry.
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Find and replace all normal par marks to §§§ (or other set of chars not used in your document). Then find/replace §§ to par marks. The page breaks will be converted to par marks.
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Er, find/replace §§§ natch.
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Bonaldi's idea worked. I don't know if you'd end up with extra returns or not, though (delete v. convert).
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