software and best practices for web gallery
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Im looking for software and 'best practices' for managing a web gallery

I have some limited experience with php but im hoping there is a solution out there already that with a little customisation will do what I want.

I have a friend who wants to put some his photography into a gallery that will be categorised by ‘venue’ and ‘date’. He doesn’t have great technical expertise and would be looking for me to provide training / solution that is easy for him to batch upload photos into his online galleries.

So my question is has anyone ever done this for anyone before and could recommend:

1) gallery software preferably php / mysql to manage the content
2) a system for taking, organising the picture that is technically ‘light’

Suggestions / help appreciated
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I use Gallery on many web sites. It is easy to set up, administer, and upload to. People used to Flickr don't seem to like it due to the poor support for tags, but it works very well if you can live with a hirearchial tree.
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Agreed on Gallery. It's very good for nesting folders within each other, can look very nice, integrates well with CMS systems, and is free. Well worth it.
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