Hungry and Helpless
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I am hungry, live on Capitol Hill in Seattle, and I have messed up my knee pretty bad. Where can I order delivery that isn't just bad chinese food or pizza?
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Not familiar with the area, but if you're near a university, check out (you don't have to be a student to use it). It should give a pretty sizeable list of local places that deliver, and you can order directly from the site.
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It might require a bit more planning ahead and a higher minimum order but Organic To Go or Delicious Planet or the grocery stores that have delivery (Safeway, Albertson's, others?).
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Best answer: India Express

somewhat tasty Indian food, pretty good stuff.

Try using city search, or yelp or judys book.
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whoops, make that

city search
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Just as a warning, Wing Zone has really gone downhill since it opened a few years back. Their food sucks now and is still pretty expensive.
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The Teapot (near John and 12th or so?) delivers. They're quite good Chinese food, IMHO (vegetarian/vegan). There's presumably some Thai delivery in the area, but I live farther north than there.

There used to be businesses like Waiters on Wheels which would deliver food from restauants that didn't normally deliver, but they don't seem to operate in Seattle any more. (Alas, neither does Kozmo.) Also, they were kind of expensive.

ChefMoz is another restaurant directory, which has reasonably good data IME, but theie web interface is abysmal.
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Try Delicious Planet.
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Lumette Firefly in Queen Anne has amazing italian food that they deliver (they do have pizza, but they also have a ton of non-pizza items) . . .I live in Belltown and they deliver there, so they might deliver to Capitol Hill too! Hope your knee heals quickly!
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I order Thai food from rom mai thai all the time. Yummay! If you can stomach the delivery fee, you can get almost anything via 443-TOGO, 2Go, or cuisine limousine.
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