Help me get my Deltron MP3s, My CD Will Not Rip...
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For some reason my copy of Deltron 3030 [The Instrumentals] CD just will not rip to mp3 without serious artifacts appearing on the mp3 version. The CD plays fine on every stereo I have tried but will not rip on any of the Macs I have here at home. Anyone know where I might obtain a copy of the MP3 version of these songs hopefully for free since I already legally own the album and just want them on my iPod? Or on the other hand, anyone know how I might rip these successfully?

For those who will ask... Upon entering the CD in my laptop CD drive it makes a bunch of noises that most CDs do not make upon inserting. Furthermore this CD takes a while (a minute or so) before apearing on the desktop and upon trying to import to MP3 in iTunes it takes about 3-5 times as long to import any of the songs, all the while making a boat load of CD reading noises.
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I own this CD, and I'm pretty confident that it's just a regular CD, as opposed to a non-Red-Book one or one with copy protection or whatnot. Is your copy especially scratched or dirty or anything like that?

Have you tried: using another computer to rip it? Using alternate compression settings? Using something other than iTunes to rip it (e.g., EAC, CDEx or cdparanoia)? Cleaning the CD?
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EAC, CDex, etc. are no good on his Macs.

You could try Max though.
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I've tried three different Macs, my old G3 Tower, my old TiBook, and my new(ish) 12" PowerBook. No go on any. I've only tried iTunes though, I'll give Max a try I guess. The CD isn't scratched or dirty, cleaning it as best I can still doesn't do anything to help.
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There's allegedly at least one MP3 copy on the Donkey network, or so I've heard. So ripping it seems to have worked for someone.
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I am seeing two copies on a certain pig based invite only torrent site.

Maybe try ripping it on a PC? EAC + Lame codec work like a charm for my needs.
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cdparanoia has indeed been ported to OSX. Someone said it was included in xACT, but I'm not positive.

You'll want to use cdparanoia to rip your audio.
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Since you already own it. The instrumental tracks in question are (in order): 2, 20, 19, 12, 10, 14, 5, 4, 8, 7, 18, and 16.
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The people behind QuickSilver have some stuff to rip into iTunes with LAME.
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There's an option in iTunes preferences (under Advanced > Importing) called "use error correction". Switch this on (or off) and try again.
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The CD I'm trying to import is the instrumental version of the regular album, it isn't just the instrumental songs on the original album. All the files I was able to see on Donkey, Gnutella, Bit Torrent searches, etc were just songs off the original CD or the real CD in its entirety. Alas, not what I'm looking for. I'm trying Max right now, but it hasn't worked yet trying to import the songs as MP3s, ACCs, using Paranoia or "Standard." I'm trying Ogg Vorbis right now, we'll see...

Any other suggestions would still be appreciated.
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Some of the copyright stuff can be defeated by running a black permanent felt-tip marker around the edge. I hear.
You can do the same job on a temp basis by sticking a dab of scotch tape over the edge. If it doesn't work, you can just pull it off. I hear.

(I have to read a proprietary CD all the time, and they're always getting a bad burn with a corrupt TOC, and we use the black marker thing all the time. I read someplace on the 'net why it defeats copyright; it was too much to memorize, but had to do with defeating stuff that calls code, and forcing it to read the plain files. No source, sorry. Somebody around here knows, and this may not apply to your problem, but how far wrong can you go with a dab of tape?)
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From the fact that it makes weird noises when you insert it, I wonder if the physical media is defective... maybe slightly weight imbalanced or something? Perhaps try to exchange it for a new copy?
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Check the email in your profile.
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