My car cries in the mornings.
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Why does my 2006 Toyota Corolla LE make so much noise when I start the car in the morning?

I have a 2006 Toyota Corolla LE. I live in Atlanta. It's been very humid and warm throughout the summer. Raining the last couple weeks as well... i share weather because i'm told weather affects cars.

When I start my car, it makes an annoying squeaking sound from something that's rotating because the sound undulates or has like a sine-wave effect to it. maybe axle? maybe belt? it goes along with an idle engine.

it "goes away" as i accelerate. the sound changes just a little depending on which gear i'm in (p, r, or d). i was told once before that it is due to condensation. can anyone confirm this? or better yet, tell me exactly what's going on?

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Probably a slipping belt.
posted by kindall at 7:44 PM on August 30, 2006

It's an '06. Surely it's under warranty. Why not go get it checked at the dealership?
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Try it with the a/c off before you start. Does the squealing still happen?

If so, it could be the load the a/c imposes, and perhaps the compressor is faulty causing some belt squeal.

When you accelerate (heavily), some cars temporarily disengage the a/c.

I only suggest this, because this is happening to me at the moment, albeit with a 95 Infinit G20.
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Do get it checked. My husband had a similar situation with his car recently and ignored it, until the serpentine belt snapped (due to a faulty tensioner) while he was driving. No damage to the car and it's all under warranty, but it's been at the dealership since Monday while they wait for various parts.
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Probably alternator belt. Get it tightened up or replaced.
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Second alternator belt slipping. With a new car don't mess with it yourself - take it back to the garage. Its not fatal to the car - but it could stop your alternator charging your battery if it gets worse.
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