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Looking for domain migration advice. Of course there is...

I currently run two domains, one of which was a hobby that just took on a life of its own and the other is a community that I kind of inherited (but love dearly). Both evolved separately, and both have active communities with message boards. One domain is driven by PHP-Nuke with phpBB as the forum, and the other domain is driven by UBB.threads as the forum. So basically two different php frameworks, two different code bases, and both have long since passed the entropy point where I have difficulty maintaining them.

Given that in my day job I work as a developer using C# and the .NET 2.0 framework, I have come to the conclusion that it would be substantially easier for me to manage these domains if I was running them in a DotNetNuke installation with two parent portals. This means I need to find a reliable Windows based web host, since my current host is purely a LAMP setup.

My general game plan is as follows:
1) On my local machine, get the first domain converted to DNN; skin it, nail down the db conversion to migrate all of the current user and forum data, etc. This is no small task.

2)Once I have domain 1 ready to go, switch web hosts for both domains. Domain 1 would move to the new DNN design, while domain 2 would just copy over to the new host with the existing php design.

3)On my local machine, get the second domain converted to DNN. This will likely take several months, as the data migration will be more tricky.

4)Once domain 2 is ready to go, activate a second parent portal on the live DNN installation, do the migration, and have the host point to DNN for domain 2 and turn off the lights on the php version.

So with that migration in mind, can anyone recommend a solid Windows based host that can handle migrating both domains like this? Bonus points if anyone knows of a UBB.threads to DNN conversion script, since I haven't been able to find one...
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Alentus is my Windows Web host of choice. I can't say for sure whether they can handle the specific scenario you mention, but I also don't any reason they wouldn't be able to.
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Did you ever get this fixed up? We offer plenty of DotNetNuke Consulting.
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