Help me find the right flak jacket for my Blackberry!
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I've assassinated two Blackberry 7105 devices, and it's obvious I can't get out of carrying one. But my boss graciously did not make me pay for them, and I'll actually feel bad if I break the new one. Can the MeFi digerati recommend a protective carrying case?

Important: It should provide good shock protection. I've noticed it doesn't take as much punishment as i like to dish out, and the symptom is that it stops getting reception. Waterproof would be a plus, too.

Not important: looks don't really matter, though i'd prefer to avoid luxury styling and the one that looks like a condom. I don't need to be able to use it in the case, I don't think that kind has enough protection. Besides, it's probably good if getting at the thing takes a conscious effort so I'll think carefully about it's well-being.
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One of these will certainly work, but won't be particularly usable. But they're only $12.
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I have a treo and have used my ipod case to carry it for years. open on one end but the elastic on the sides of the ipod case hold it in tightly. turn it upside down and it doens't fall out. Seems to me that the treo is thicker than the BB so now sure if this is an option.
When i thought i lost the ipod case (and not the phone) I went to a dollar store near here (toronto) and bought a 'leatherette' case with a tab that velcro's over it to hold the treo in whcih also worked great. it was padded a bit which would help if dropped (i haven't done that to this one ....yet.) Not real pretty but very functional. At $1 ea. i bought 5 just in case....
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Naomi Campbell, is that you?

I've dropped mine repeatedly and the default case works pretty well....
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Maybe that a look a this Aluminum Case. Metal on the outside, neoprene padding inside. Looks like it would offer the most protection while still being usable.

Otherwise, look at Pelican cases. Just cut out some foam to fit your BB and it will be very well protected. I have used one to carry around my compact digital camera for 3 years. They even replaced the case for free when I discovered cracks in the hinges.
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Ancillary to the question: if these are corporately owned, look into whether or not an insurance policy you guys have (like for portable computers) covers these damages. If not, look into getting such a policy. If alot of people in your company carry these things, they pay for themselves. I speak from experience.
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i'm wondering the same thing as vautrin. have you smashed your blackberries because they were not in the case???
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Feh! My Blackberry can beat up Naomi's any day of the week. With its scroll wheel tied behind its back. It just might not work afterwards.

Not sure about the insurance. The Pelikan cases look pretty solid, but I wound up with an accessory case by Timbuk2, the messenger bag company. My store carries it for iPods, but it fits the BB just fine and provides better protection for the corners than Timbuk2's smartphone case.

Wzcx is there a missing link, or am I blind? I looked under the apostrophe, and both periods...

Thanks everyone for the suggestions. AskMeFi rulezzzz!!
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I have the leather one with the pivoting belt clip and magnetic flap that the guy on eBay sells for like $20, and I've been pretty happy with it, actually.
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