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im looking at doing a presentation of pictures in a kind of consecutive order , with some music - what kind of freeware program am i needing to use for it ?

The pictures are projectd onto a wall and i'm really into putting a soundtrack alongside it , please hope me.
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I'd probably reach for's Impress component (essentially a free PowerPoint clone).
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I'm assuming you're on Windows, with a Mac you'd already be using iPhoto.
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You can always use Windows Movie Maker.
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If you want nothing more than a slideshow with music you could simply use Irfanview.
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The easiest way would be to use Windows Picture and Fax Viewer software (included as part of Windows) and just click on the slideshow icon to start the slideshow. You could use an itunes playlist for music.

For a smooth start and finish, you could make a couple black "slides" to start and end the show.

Easy peasy. Nothing else to set up or install.
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Photo Story 3 for Windows is bascially idiot proof. It has a lot more options. At the end, export the slideshow into WMV format and either play it on the presentation computer or embed it into your PowerPoint presentation if you are so inclined.
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