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I am looking for flashcards on three specific subjects. I've looked online and haven't had much luck. The first I don't really need help finding, "beginning spanish words". The other two have been more difficult.

English is my first language, but I want a stronger vocabulary, I want flashcards of larger useful english words. Ive been making my own flashcards but that alot of work.

The last subject is the hardest to find I would think. I want terms based around finance, taxes, real estate jargon, stocks, bonds, just all of it.

If anyone knows of a company who makes flaschards like these, or knows of a website, or somewhere to find them, that would be incredibly helpful.

(Ive tried my local library and a few bookstores, as well as google, etc).
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Why not make your own? I assume that you want paper flash cards so just fire up MS Word or Open Office and come up with a list of words you want to know with their accompanying definitions. It shouldn't be too hard to find a list of words from the appropriate textbooks which can found at the local public or university library. The actual process of searching for a list of words and compiling the info will help to reinforce the meaning of the words.
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The Sparknotes brand flashcards seem to be pretty good (get them at Barnes and Noble or online - I can't find the link). It sounds like you might want something a bit more advanced than basic SAT vocab, but I think that they have a set like that.

For your last subject - maybe talk to someone in the finance department at your local university? They might know of a good place to look.
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English is my first language, but I want a stronger vocabulary, I want flashcards of larger useful english words.
Good resource for this is lists of GRE words. You'll find them in the self help section of bookstores or at GRE help forums or websites online (I imagine these exist).
GRE math section is easier than the SATs, but the vocab section is more difficult.

Also some ideas on related mefite question
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I would argue that flash cards aren't very good for complex words and you should make your own based on reading some good books. Emberto Eco writes some good stories with big words.
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