Imagine playing this with a Wiimote!
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More GameFilter: Looking for a C64 game where the players control one of three balls on a pool table and try to sink eachother.

This was my and my brother's favourite 2 player C64 game. We knew it as "Hustler's Revenge", but the name may not be right because Google has no memory of any such game. The rules were:
  • you control either a white or a black ball by pointing the joystick in the direction you want to accelerate
  • if you sink the red ball, you get a point, and ten seconds to try to touch the other player's ball - if you do, you get another two points
  • if you sink yourself, I think you lose points.
Sound familiar?
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Ive been looking through the list of games at trying to find anything remotely close to what youre describing and not seeing anything.

Although Im bringing back a lot of great memories. APPLE CIDER SPIDER! Man how great was that game!
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Also, heres some playable in your browser.

I remember being so obsessed with Aztec Challenge.
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Sounds like Xeno to me.
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Looks like some playable versions of xeno here
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Nope, not Xeno. It was more primitive than that (top view graphics, like four colours total). I looked through a list of C64 roms a few years ago and didn't see anything. Thanks for the link though, even if I don't find the game, there's lots here to play instead.
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Here are a couple of screens from the game Hustler. Certainly looks primitive enough!
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More here, perhaps this isn't it though.
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There is in fact one solitary mention of a game called Hustler's Revenge on Google on a now-broken page (here is the cached text). Was it part of a compilation and that's why it's not showing up anywhere?
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I saw "Hustler" and it looks like straight pool, though the graphics are close. This game had only the three balls, and you controlled yours like the rocket in asteroids.

It could've been on that collection (We definately had zaxxon and blue angel somewhere in our collection). It's nice to know I'm not making the name up. Too bad they don't have any more information about it.
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OK, one last theory... is it possible that your game is not a commercial release, but something that some individual put together using graphics routines etc pinched from Hustler, and that was circulated by people copying tapes? Because if I did that, I would totally call it Hustler's Revenge.

Also possible: magazine freebie?

It would definitely be worth posting this question on some C64 boards if nothing else turns up here. Good luck!
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Thanks teleskiving. It must have been a custom game since I can't find any reference, even though there is so much C64 junk out there. (btw, for lurker Azi - it wasn't retroball, but good try). I might just have to write a new copy of the game myself :)
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