Researching Potential Employers
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Okay, speaking of new jobs, I've got one ~

How do you research a potential employer, particularly if you don't know anyone who works there? After you learn all you can from their website, Googling their key players, stock analyst sites, and F*ed Company, where else do you look? I keep thinking there's gotta be a catch with my new potential employer, but nothing's turning up.
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You might contact your state's Better Business Bureau and see if there are any (or many) outstanding complaints against them.
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Yahoo stock message boards are always interesting if you can weed out this disgruntled trolls.
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Eat lunch in the employee cafeteria if it is publicly accessible. Also, find the nearest Happy Hour.
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At one time, message boards on could occasionally be good for inside dirt on institutional culture and general employee morale. They have a charge now to view posts over 60 days, so I'm not sure how interesting they still are.
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I'd highly agree with mischief - if it's a city like mine groups of employees will hang out at a local bar. Heck I can think of one bar in town that is nearly fully funded by employees from one company. The barkeep should know - and for extra tips($) might be able to tell you some things about them or point you to someone who can.
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Pomegranate - I live in the area (if I remember correctly from your last post - I'm in KC) and may be able to pass on info I've heard from locals. If it's a tech position, I may have worked for them myself. Feel free to contact me by email at annathea at hotmail dot com, if you like.
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