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Asking for my mom: Help us find 2 kitchen tools that Graham Kerr uses on his Gathering Place show. They are not branded with his name.

My mom is looking for:

1. An olive oil spray bottle that is measured - e.g. each spray is 1/4 tsp.

2. A small hand-operated mixer, about the size and similar appearance of a mini food chopper. It is designed for mixing things like cornstarch and water for thickening and has a hand-operated crank. You turn the crank on top and a paddle inside the container mixes whatever inside. It also has a pouring lip. We don't know what it's called. (We know many mixers have paddle attachments... we're specifically looking for the mini, hand-cranked, one-cup-ish sized mixer.)

We found another tool he uses - a salt dispenser that you can set to a certain measurement - 1/4 tsp, 1/2 tsp, etc, and press the top and out comes that much salt - on We've Googled and searched Graham Kerr's website to no avail. We've also searched for his specifically-branded kitchen tools, and haven't found them.
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I've never watched Kerr's show, but #2 sounds like a Whip-o-Matic. I have one from I'm not sure where (possibly something my folks gave me when I moved out) but there's a crank outside which turns 3 plastic mixing blades inside a clear plastic container which holds 4 cups. Yep, there's a pour spout too.

The label on top reads:
With Super Speed
Planetary Action

The bottom reads:
Made by the Popeil Brothers, Inc.
Chicago, IL 60609 (oh my, I just had a game show flashback)

There's three for sale on ebay right now.
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That's similar, but the one Kerr uses is smaller and only has one paddle.
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Pampered Chef has a great spray bottle. I have it, and use it all the time.
Sur La Table has one too.
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Please read the question more carefully... we are looking for an oil sprayer that specifically sprays 1/4 tsp. of oil.
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Please read the question more carefully

I would think that in a sprayer where one downward pump ejects a spray, the amount of product expelled is constant (as opposed to a pressurized sprayer where the amount depends upon the time you have held down the button).

So, maybe Kerr just measured how much comes out. There will be a little variation, but try something like pumping out 8 doses, measuring the quantity, then dividing by 8.

If there is a "measured" sprayer I don't think it would be more accurate than this.
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I know it's not a very insightful response but have you tried contacting him through his website? On his website's FAQ, he has answers to equipment-specific questions and there's a tab on his website just for contacting him, so it sounds like he's open to answering equipment questions.
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Most sprayers dispense just about a quarter ounce pretty consistently. There's nothing special about the one he uses in that regard. Can't help you with the other thing, but we sure do like our braun handblender. It comes with gadgets, but the motorized whisk sucks.
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Yes we have and have not gotten a response.
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