Winter Vacation
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I've got six days off in February and we're thinking of flying somewhere warm in the continental USA to escape our Vancouver winter. I don't want to spend half my break in planes and airports, so the east coast is probably out. Where should we go?
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Cabo San Lucas. A little early to see the whales humping but warm and beautiful never the less
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San Diego, Palm Springs, Las Vegas . . . if you must do the Continental U.S. . . .but I am with FD - go to Mexico!
Cabo, Acapulco, the Mexican Rivera, Ixtapa . . .all the resort places are about the same time and distance-wise from you. Plus it will be cheaper and nicer than anywhere in the U.S.
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On the other hand, Mexico is most decidely NOT the United States, and you do have to be more careful there. A lot of the tourist places will charge less than the US, but many will charge prices that are higher than you can get with just a little bit of groundwork in the US.

The Mountain West is beautfiul this time of year. Palm Springs, Arizona, New Mexico, etc.
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Response by poster: I like Mexico; I just don't think I want to go there for 6 days.

My favourite American cities are San Francisco and New Orleans, but I think they'd both be too cold in February.

We're considering San Diego: never been, fairly close, nice weather. Yay or nay? Suggestions if we go?
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No offense to the SD folks, but there isnt 6 days worth of stuff to do. There aren't any destination restaurants there either (trust me, even the SD locals at agree.)

If you are going to use SD as a base and then go from there to LA or Mexico or maybe one of the national parks (Joshua Tree NP is beautiful in Feb. or a longer drive will get you to Death Valley NP, which is also great in the winter) then by all means, make it your basecamp. But more than 2-3 days there and you have seen it all.
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Santa Barbara. Gorgeous (mountains and ocean, plus strictly maintained Spanish-style architecture—no huge concrete monsters), great restaurants (ask me for recommendations if you decide to go), easy access to L.A. and/or the Central Coast wine country if you want a day trip.
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If you want to go a little wonky in Mexico, go to the Pacific or interior, I'm thinking the waterfalls in Michoacan or the mummies in Guanajuato. It'll probably be chilly though, since I was on the Michoacan/Guanajuato border in August and needed a jacket and umbrella most days.

New Orleans and the Gulf Coast in general will be cold, so I suggest the Southwest as well. Are you interested in doing the Grand Canyon thing? Going to the casinos? Driving around and going where the road takes you?
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Response by poster: Great suggestions, lychee – I loved Guanajuato, Uruapan, Morelia and Patzcuaro when I was there twenty years ago – but I couldn't stand going to Mexico for such a short time.

Thanks for all the suggestions, folks. We're going to follow gen's advise and use San Diego as a base camp. I'm going to start a new thread to ask for hotel suggestions.
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