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I used Automatix to get my Ubuntu system up and running. I know the thing installs stuff like Beagle and Gmailnotifier, but for some reason they're not showing up.

So what am I doing wrong? The programs are not in Alacarte either. What should I do?
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Did you log out of your account, then restart your account again? That might work.
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Response by poster: I did, yes.
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Need more info. The directions for Automatix are basically:

1) add the automatix repository to sources.list
2) install automatix package
3) run the automatix command

You did all of these, watched the Automatix command run and download hundreds of megabytes of stuff and install it, and now you don't see the resulting programs? Or you didn't do one of those three steps?
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If the apps aren't showing up in Alacarte and you can't run them from the command line then it's unlikely they installed correctly. You could try running automatix again or installing them manually. Assuming you've got the respositories enabled, it should be as simple as:

sudo apt-get install beagle

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Response by poster: Everything is installed correctly. I don't know how to start beagle from the command line.
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I'm gonna take a shot in the dark and say "beagle"

(most programs are known by their command-line name)

Make sure you run Automatix and tell it to install beagle/etc.. I thought that just installing automatix would make everything fine and dandy, so was confused when it wasn't. Just find Automatix in the System Tools folder in the menu, and install the programs.

(or use the sudo apt-get command above to install, though I thought that automatix sources were only switched on when automatix was running... hence why you can't run automatix and apt-get/synaptic at the same time.)
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Here is the list of Beagle commands -- try any of those and that will let you know whether it's been installed or not; beagle-search from a terminal will start it.
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Christ, I didn't think of that. Stupid question but you definately ran Automatix after installing it, right?
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