Help me find a suitable PC graphics video card
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I'm looking for a good quality PCI video card for my Dimension 1100. I need dual monitor support and video capture. Any recommendations? (price <$150).
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Doubt you will find dual monitor AND video capture in one card.

You might as well find any cheapo card with dual outputs and another TV tuner card.
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I don't think I've ever seen a dual monitor, VIVO (Video In/Video Out... ), PCI Video Card. I'm almost positive you won't find one with a TV Tuner.

I'd agree with mphuie and try to find a dual output PCI card and get either a USB Capture device, or a seperate card for Video Capture (if you get a seperate card, you could get a TV Tuner card, not just VI/VO).

The real problem is that they haven't really produced PCI cards for at least 5 years (they were after-thoughts, with a PCI->AGP Bridge). Now that AGP is on it's way out (the high-end cards are all PCI-express, no AGP), PCI is officially two generations old. This doesn't mean you won't find anything, but all of your options will be "Cheap as Possible", rather than "Chocked full of features".
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if you can, see if you can find an old ATI all-in-wonder. they've been around forever and there might be a PCI version, though I've never seen one. easier to go how everyone else says and get something like a PCI radeon or geforce card and a seperate TV tuner (either PCI or USB, if you're out of PCI slots). PCI video cards will be using chips from a couple generations ago - as was mentioned, the world is moving to PCI Express and they're just not building regular PCI into many video chipsets anymore - so that'll keep the costs down on the video card at least.
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Thanks you guys, this is very helpful.
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