Trouble viewing Cyrillic on my PalmOs PDA
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How can I view Russian (Cyrillic) text on my Palm Zire 31?

I've been having tough luck importing Russian texts in Cyrillic font onto my PDA (Palm Zire 31) I've installed PILOC (some Russian localization software) but that doesn't seem to help.

I have tried viewing cyrillic text on my PDA in two formats: unicode text and PDF (as rendered by the conversion process of Adobe Reader for Palm OS)

I tried to access my cyrillic text on three programs on my PDA, namely Palm Reader, Palm Fiction, and Adobe Acrobat. I mention this maybe because there could be another program that I could install on my memorycard that could somehow do a better job than either of these.

Anyhow, I would appreciate any suggestions that you may have. Look forward to your tips. (Btw not sure what version of PalmOS the Zire31 has.)
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What encoding are the original documents in? And what do they look like on the Palm when converted?

It's hard to know what's wrong without more detail. Can you link to one of the documents you've tried to convert?

And you can find out what OS you've got from the menus on the "Home" screen. For me, it's the "App" menu, then "Info", then "version" tab at the bottom but it might vary.
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Response by poster: ok,

here is a quote of the garbled text from my .prc (converted from a text file with MakeDoc) in PalmReader

70381K, <5 b0=80A ?ob3> = 0B@855AOB<5 ,?@>@5E*,>3@5E8,0=>

here are a couple of lines from adobe reader on my PDA

GD,h46$@(.%@H 4N@D@T!@"> (BJ$:48,).7@(@"b B@*>b:*DJ08J, @<3 h8 fhd>>@

According to several online sources, the Zire 31 comes with Palm OS 5.2.8

The encoding of the text is standard Cyrillic Windows 1251

a sample of the type of text file i tried to convert can be found here:
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I'm not in a position right now to test anything but try Plucker, the open-source Palm browser and document reader and see what it does with that HTML.
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Best answer: Found the answer myself: PiLOC is the best option. The second best is Repligo.
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