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What are the best and easiest tools for Wordpress that will add a bunch of photos to a page?

I am pretty new to Wordpress and managing photos. I would like to change this: http://www.knigel.com/kImage/ZombieWalk/ into something a lot more pleasing to look at. You may laugh but I am as far as this: http://www.knigel.com/Encephalon/photos/
Pretty much I would like a simple display of thumbnails that will expand upon a click. I would appreciate any advice, thank you.
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I use the web gallery function in Photoshop CS2 to do this: It will resize the photos and create ready to upload webpages in a single directory. Simple and clean, and fairly easy to modify.
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Have you checked for a solution here?
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If you can install Wordpress, you can most definitely install Pixelpost, which can handle all your thumbnailing needs.
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I've tried to use the zenpress plugin which will combine zengallery with wordpress, in theory. Never got it to work (but I'm rubbish at server setup etc), but in theory it's splendid.
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I use IImage Browser which isn't perfect but I can make it do what I want. If you want to put in pop-up images with thumbnails it does the job just fine right out of the gate.

Usually I want to inline them so I have to open the HTML edit box, change the filename to use the image and not the generated thumbnail and remove the height= and width= parameters.
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ohhhhhhhh THANK YOU for asking this question and motivating me to go looking. I discovered a link to ImageManager in the comments section for IImage Browser and I installed it to check it out.

Without a doubt, awesome. Options to insert the image as thumbnail & popup, thumbnail & link, image itself and more, plus you can pre-customize style options, do some basic editing (if you have GD or another lib on the system)....

Very pleased.
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I use flickr's Blogging bit's to do this, and post photos from my flickr, or straight from my cameraphone.
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