Chicago Parent Groups?
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ChicagoParentFilter: I recently became a new mom, and in my circle of friends I'm the first mom. Chicagoans, do you know of any parent groups for new parents or parents of young children? Thanks.
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I'm not in Chicago, but I know that MOMS Club is an international group, so I'm sure there's a chapter near you! Also, check your local library for baby storytimes and playgroups. Congrats!
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They have a good chatboard there and I'm sure this question would get you a ton of answers there.
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If you're cool with church groups, there's always the church-based group program MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers, which actually is for mothers of children up to preschool age). I just did a quick search for Chicago, IL and found a bunch of groups.
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Have you checked out Craigslist?
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See if there's a local chapter of MOMS club. There's an email address on that page you could write to.
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Check out GoCityKids, Chicago. Click on the "Parent Resouces" link on the left of the home page. You'll find some info about parent groups there.
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Thanks folks - especially NIMBY - that was exactly what I was looking for. At least for now until I go back to work.
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