Please help me save my piano!
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How can I protect my piano from more scratches? Where can I find a piano cover?

My piano has become a favorite perch over which my kitties compete, and bears the scratches to prove it. I have decided that declawing is not an option for us and I'm trying to keep their claws trimmed. I have explained to them that the piano is very special to me, having been in the family since my childhood and given to me by my father. I'm not getting anywhere with them.
Plan B: I have been searching for a piano cover to protect it with little luck so far. I have seen a few, but I would like to find a way to cover it that doesn't look like I'm preparing it for shipping! The piano is in my great room. Any ideas or sources for a presentable piano cover? Maybe even an attractive one?
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Our piano just has a rug on it to protect from scratches etc. Obviously it's not as well-fitting as a cover would be, but it has the advantage that you could pretty much just find any rug you like and chuck it on there.

(Just realised.. I suspect that only works well with grands - do you have a grand or an upright?)
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A custom table pad might work; here is one company that makes them. It looks like they run less than $200, but it is not clear if they can do a piano-shaped pad and if so what the cost would be. They do custom shapes, however, so even a grand piano should be possible.
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Here is another company that specifically mentions pianos in their FAQ, so that looks like an option.
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If the scratches are from the cats climbing up to the top of the piano (or whereever it is they perch), put something close to the piano that will give them an alternate route up. A chair or something will do.

We have an antique cabinet that our cats were scratching, trying to climb up to perch on top. We placed a chair next to it and, though they still perch on it, they no longer have to scratch it to climb it.

While they get used to the alternate route you can place objects on the keys to give them a hint that there is an easier way to the top.
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Thanks, all. I'll look into your suggestions and look forward to more! Lotto, it's an upright.
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