I'm looking for some cool cartoon strip/comic art posters
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Inspired in part by this thread, I'm looking for some cool cartoon strip/comic art posters.

That is to say I'm not just after a pinup piece of Spider-Man/The Spirit/Charlie Brown but an actual page or strip of artwork. My ideal one would be a poster of something like this Little Nemo In Slumberland page. You'd think making good quality art posters of this sort of thing would be a no-brainer, but I can't seem to find any.
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Actually, when you order the huge Little Nemo book you get a free 16x20 poster.

But the book is $120.

But it is worth every cent.
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Maybe some larger reproductions of Liechtenstein's work might be up your alley?

OTOH, a few evenings' work with Adobe Illustrator might enable you to rasterize a scanned piece of artwork, then take it to a large-format printer for blowup. This tutorial from Adobe (PDF) might give you an idea of the work involved. Be prepared to print at least two copies, because the first one's going to have some oopsies in it that you'll hate looking at.
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I think Jay Ryan's work is very cool and looks great when hung. I'm not sure if it's comic-ey enough to you but it definitely says "comic art" to me.
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You could always roll your own with a .jpg and the Rasterbator. That's how I decorate my office (ooh, maybe I should go all-Pogo).
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I don't know many current strips that are pretty enough to framing. (I exclude Get Fuzzy. You can buy prints from it here.)

If you're a webcomics fan, you can buy original strip art for Goats at a modest price by clicking on the link beneath the comic. And John Allison, of Scary Go Round fame, often puts up paintings of his characters for auction on his blog.
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