Help me find some latino music!
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For some time I've been trying to find a specific type of acoustic latino music that I somehow really like. It is really peculiar situation, because I know how the music should sound, even though I don't know any artists or songs...

I am a huge fan of Vlatko Stefanovski's album - Krushevo and it occured to me that since I like acoustic solo guitar so much, I should get ahold of some latino music too.
Now the music shouldn't be too much of virtuosity, I am looking for some passionate and maybe ambiental type of sound. Maybe something like Ambient 2: The Plateaux Of Mirror by Brian Eno & Harold Budd, but in a latino fashion.
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Just a piggyback, I'm very very interested in acoustic, instrumental Spanish guitar - darker stuff and hopefully older recordings.
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"Latino" is a very broad term, but you might like some of Joao Gilberto's bossa nova guitar stuff and then move into Charlie Byrd (check the sample from "Funky Flamenco"). Here's a cool article called "A Brief History of the Latin Jazz Guitar" with plenty of names to start exploring at

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[side note to fake: maybe consider at least waiting until the original question has an answer or three before piggybacking on top of it?]

My apologies, it didn't occur to me that it would be rude/inappropriate/offensive.
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Try Nuevo by the Kronos Quartet. The musical leaf on "Perdida" (windows media link) gets me every time.
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Sorry, that should be "Perfidia".
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Have you considered any of the trio stuff from groups like Los Panchos and Los Tres Ases? It's 50s-60s stuff, but completely based around classical guitar.
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If you want something a bit more improv and darker, try Sir Richard Bishops solo albums. I can especialy recommend Fingering the Devil.
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Passionate and ambinet would seem to also be contradictions ... but it might be worth a look at the Gotan Project (more their latest album Lunatico ) and perhaps Bajofondo Tango Club presents Supervielle. They lean a bit towards dance and nightclub, but some tracks might hit the spot.
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Not so much improv but you should also check out "Rodrigo y Gabriela"
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Response by poster: Hey guys, thank you for taking the time to answer my first question here, this is awesome!
I see that I haven't made myself clear (in writing) that I was looking for *acoustic guitar music* without any other instruments, just like the Krushevo album.
Maybe this little jam by Muse might be more self-explanatory.

Let me fisk some of the points here:
1. I know that "latino" is a broad term, I just didn't want to localize the music with terms like: spanish, mexican and so on.
2. Ambient can be passionate, just listen to some Brian Eno, especially the album I listed.

Some of the music listed here that caught my eye:
- Joao Gilberto
- Charlie Byrd
- Sir Richard Bishop

So how about that Muse song?
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