super bowl!!!
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big brother is frickin weird. my wife just started watching it. all the dramedy is just corny, but i am mystified about a few things: why does that corny blond guy call himself chilltown; and why did that guy that got evicted yell "super bowl" when he left, and then the corny blond guy also yelled it when he won the physical challenge or whatever they call it? yes i am wasting your time and my time with this..
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yes i am wasting your time and my time with this..

Well, perhaps you might want to go waste your time over at the Big Brother forums at Television Without Pity, then.
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thanks for the link, but thats way too much work, i just need to know what the significance of "super bowl" is....
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I think it had to do with Howie yelling "superbowl" last season when his alliance would win Head of Household. Winning HoH was likened to winning the superbowl. The tradition continued into this season.

Chilltown was formed in Season 2 when Will and Mike Booger, er, Boogie, and Shannon hung out in the cold bedroom, thus the Chill in Chilltown.

You don't think less of me for knowing that? Gotta run, they're about to do the power of veto competition! (of course I know who wins and the end result since I read the daily feeds updates.)
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wow, what a letdown. i somehow thought it would be more interesting than that. thanks marbles...
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wow, what a letdown. i somehow thought it would be more interesting than that.

If you plan on watching any more Big Brother, get used to that feeling.
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oh no i cant watch it, i want to scratch my eyeballs out, i just happen to be in the room when my other half is watching....
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Watching Big Brother is a great psychological study on human nature if you ask me. Take this season for example, there are people who cheat and lie and ultimately succeed in the game, and some who think they can play the "game" honestly and with honor and still come out a winner. Just like life... there are people who just party and have a good time in life, or steal and cheat their way through life and those who lead a hard working life full of responsibilities, fancy job titles, stress, and heath problems who ultimately both end up with the same outcome. Dead in a coffin. So who is the "winner" in the scheme of things?

The moral question of either cheating and lying to win vs. being the good natured person is interesting to me with Big Brother. But I have been a fan of the show since it started, I watch at least a hour of the live feeds daily, and would probably watch all year round if I could. Am I wasting my time? Yes! So there is no question to how I would play the game... the liars and cheaters usually win. What does that say about life?
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I'm with randomthoughts (although I don't watch it that much)...on the surface its pretty corny, but as a psych experiment its very interesting. If you are at all into tv production/editing/etc. its also interesting to see how people are portrayed during the 3 hours of TV time vs. what happens on the live internet feeds.

That and the Evil Dr. Will is a materful manipulator...he is the essence the character that you love to hate. Watching him warp people's perceptions and wiggle out of tight spots has been a complete joy this summer. Everyone knows they are been manipulated but they seem powerless to do anything about it.
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Also, thanks for the explanation for the genesis of Chilltown. I too thought it would have had far more interesting origins. However, I suppose when you are stuck in a house with nothing to do for months at a time, I'd be coming up with stupid names for things too.
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My husband watches Big Brother, and because I'm in the same room most of the time, I suppose I do too.

I suppose when you are stuck in a house with nothing to do for months at a time...

Do they have t-shirt making supplies to keep them occupied? It seems like every episode has a majority of people wearing "custom" lettered t-shirts.
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nekton: I have to believe that they are given that stuff to make custom t-shirts...that or they ask "Big Brother" for them and "Big Brother" sadly gives in to their wants.
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