MSOneNote for Mac?
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I was turned on to MS OneNote by someone using a Mac in a class I was taking. Now that I've bought a Macbook, I can't find a Mac version of OneNote! Help!

I am a mature student who has recently returned to University. I found someone using an older Mac laptop with OneNote running on it. I ended up purchasing the Windows version for use on my laptop.

Now I'm a MacBook Pro user, and want to download OneNote for my Mac - unfortunately, the campus store tells me there is no Mac version - this appears to be the case on the Microsoft website as well. I've installed Parallells and XP on my Macbook just so I can run OneNote, however, I can't help but get this nagging feeling out of my head that I'm missing something - the girl in class with the Mac laptop was running OneNote on her Mac and it appeared to work as a standalone app w/o windows running.

Is there any path or suggestions you can make to help me out?
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Word 2004 on the Mac has a "Notebook" document type that's probably what you saw. It has some (but I don't think all) of the functionality of OneNote on Windows. Go to File -> Project Gallery, click the New tab (it's selected by default) and select "Word Notebook" as your new document type.
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Thanks Jig..

Just discovered "WordBook" which seems to be what they're calling this now - it's most of OneNote integrated into MSWord..
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Curio is a serviceable replacement for OneNote.
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Word and Entourage (MS version of Outlook for Mac) pretty much have all of OneNote integrated. Much of what is in OneNote started in the Mac Office.
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how about Inspiration?
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I am checking out Curio and Inspiration (have downloaded them and will install and tinker).

Thank you both!
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Thanks so much for this question and answers. I too just made the switch and I am addicted to OneNote on the PC.. I was debating for the longest time whether I should keep a PC just to store my notebook.. or switch to a Mac. I think I made the right decision.

Also wanted to mention that Circus Ponies also has a tool called Notebook... you might want to try that out as well.

And someone told me about DevonThink Pro.

Let us know what you decide to use!
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I've been playing with Curio so far. I'll give it a few days and will then try Inspiration. Will keep you advised.
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