finding beats per minute
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Software to find the beats per minute for digital music files.

I would like to find a program, preferably free, that will scan a list of sound files and find the BPM for each one. I don't want a stand alone beat matching program, as I do not want to modify the music. Any other tools for crafting music sets with minimal processing of the sound files appreciated. I'll be assembling in Audition.
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It's not free, but Traktor DJ Studio 3 offers a 30 day trial and is pretty good at giving a BPM for songs you import.
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ask the dj... but not free. oriented toward beatmatching but it looks like it can go thru all your mp3s and add the BPM to the id3 tags.
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Best answer: This recent question led me to the BPM Analyzer.
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Best answer: You can use AnalogX's nice free utility, TapTempo!
It's manual, though.
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The trail version of MixMeister does auto-BMP discovery.
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Response by poster: Thanks NYCinephile, that's exactly what I was looking for. (stungeye, its a free standalone tool from MixMeister.)

And, PowerCat, I can use TapTempo to check the accuracy of BPM Analyzer!
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