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What is a good option for an after market gas grill propane tank gage?

I hate to run out of propane in the middle of a BBQ, and don't have a grill with a built in propane level gage. Now I have used the heat sensitve stickers before that can help you determine the level of your propane, but in my own experience i think they are somewhat sub par, and require you to pour hot water on the tank anytime you want to check it. Call me lazy, but is there an more permanent solution to this? So I'd like to know if there is a in-line pressure gage of sorts that you could pick up at a hardware store for under $20 and if so, how do you use it and how accurate is it?
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If your tank rests on a solid surface, put a cheap scale underneath it.
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Weigh it empty and again after you get it filled. Take a sharpie and write both numbers on the tank so you never forget them. If you think you're running low on propane just remove the tank and weigh it. That's really the only reliable way to tell.

The empty weight might be stamped on the tank somewhere already.
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The weight of the empty tank is stamped in the metal.
Look for TW -
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Some brands of grill (Weber for one, in the US) have what amounts basically to a spring scale, calibrated for a generic/typical propane tank weight. I don't know if they are available as an aftermarket-type dealie, though.
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There's always the see-through tank, kind of expensive at $100.
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Refill the tank before the next BBQ. Propane is pretty cheap and that would certainly solve the problem.
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Response by poster: -Refill the tank before the next BBQ. Propane is pretty cheap and that would certainly solve the problem.

I know, I know, just like filling your gas tank in your car when it gets to half. However, i'm the type of guy that waits till the gas light pops on to fill up. Good advice, but not what i'm looking for in this thread, but thanks.

I thought i had heard something of using an in-line pressure gage, that monitored the level via backpressure... but not sure how this works, and if there is a specific type of pressure gage for this purpose, maybe.
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This goes between the tank and hose, is it what you're looking for?
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As a guy that waits for E as well, this is what I did. First, my tank came with a spring scale (yeah it was Weber), but like other have said any scale will do. For example, you could put a cheap bathroom scale and set the tank on top of it. Anyway, the other thing I went and did was buy an extra tank. Now when my primary tank runs out, I got the extra one there. Then next time I'm out and about I can fill the empty tank.
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Sorry, I wasn't trying to be snarky, but it's certainly a good idea. :)

buying an extra tank is a good idea as well. My BBQ can use the small propane cylinders, so if the 20lb tank runs out, I can switch.

Also, consider Rhino Gas or something - many gas stations around here have it. You just swap out the empty tank for a full one.
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Response by poster: This goes between the tank and hose, is it what you're looking for?

Yes, i was thinking something along these lines, but that i can pick up at a hardware store, not sure if this gage works of a temperature or a back pressure...

But all other good ideas, shell out of a second tank or keep a small propane cylinder on hand, i'll have to check and see if that will work with mine.
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On the "About Us" page. Maybe you can find one locally: "YSN’s products can be found in Costco, Lowe’s, Sears Orchard Supply Hardware amongst many other retailers and distributors under the brand name of Flame King™" Good Luck!
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