Things to do in my local area?
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Where can I find obscure and interesting attractions in my corner of Texas? We often can't think of anyplace to go.

The only place I know of is roadsideamerica, but their listings are woefully short. In East Texas all they can come up with is the Shorty the Squirrel monument. I'm looking for something that has odd museums, zoos, attractions, and whatnot. Pluses for science stuff and factory tours, minuses for malls.
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The AAA guidebooks usually list a huge number of things to go see. Many are boring, but it's at least a list to work from.
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Bingo... why didn't I think of that? Thanks, I'm heading to my home library to look for it. (Additional ideas are welcome.)
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The Texas Monthly Guidebooks were great, and much better than the AAA TourBooks. Unfortunately I believe they are out of print, but finding an old edition would be great for ideas, even if you have to double-check that the places still exist.
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I use Texas Escapes.

Good for ghost towns and the like.
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plug in a zip code to and see what comes up. I have found lots of interesting places this way. People tend to hide caches in places that they find interesting.
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Also take a look at the DeLorme Atlas and Gazeteer for Texas. A bookstore will have it, and you can look through the Attractions in the front. I don't have that state's Atlas, but all the ones I do have include tons of stuff.
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Get hold of a copy of Watch it Made in the USA. We have had one for several years and always check for factory tours when we are planning vacations. You don't say what part of TX you live in, but in reading the index of my (old) copy, I see stuff in Ft. Worth, Brenham, Corsicana, Dublin, Fredricksburg, Sugar Land, Buda, Plano, Dallas, Kerrville and Nocona.
There is also the Factory Tours USA site, which has some overlap, but also some stuff not on the Watch it Made site or book.
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