Barcode my life!
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Some time ago I saw a program for the Mac that you could scan barcodes of various things and it would maintain your collection of them. I can't seem to find my bookmark for that and my googling is failing me. I would actually like to know if there was a windows version of it out yet, or a similar product for windows.

It would be nice if one program could handle multiple collections of things (books, comics, video games, etc) and handle the lending of them as well.
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Delicious Library?

No Windows version.
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Response by poster: Bah! Still not windows version?! I hope there is something comparable for windows.
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Best answer: Windows equivalent: imediaman
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Response by poster: Killer! Totally what I was looking for, I hope it can do comicbooks too!
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Bah! Still not windows version?!

Delicious is like, three people. Four, maybe, on the right day. Shipley would rather focus on making an amazing Mac OS X app than worry about Windows.
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Thanks. Now we need a parallel product for RFID, though I guess we are looking at a relatively brief interval before almost all RFIDS are encrypted.
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is there anything for windows that is like media man but freeware? $40 is a lot for me to spend on such a total nerd luxury.
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Have you considered Readerware? They will throw in the scanner for free which is pretty nice. You can get a 30 day trial and it outputs nicely as a CSV file that opens as spreadsheet easily if you want a non-proprietary type of report.
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Readerware's free scanner is a Cuecat. Modified (i.e. hacked) USB cuecat scanners have been selling on Ebay for around $15.
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