Free/Low-cost project management software?
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What free/low-cost project management system do you recommend?

I'm interested in a basic project-management software for about 10 people working on a project. I've tried out basecamp previously, but find it a little too complicated for my needs. I've seen this question which is a year old.

What are your recommendations?

Thank you.
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I've had great success with Redmine in the past.
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+1 for Redmine. It's dead simple for users, which has been a huge plus for us.
posted by treblemaker at 11:52 AM on November 9, 2011

We are starting to use Asana. Free up to 30 users.
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I've heard about Asana but have no personal experience with it. It's web-based and free.
posted by slogger at 12:24 PM on November 9, 2011

Another vote for Asana. Simple, clean, easy on the eyes, does what you're looking for elegantly.
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I've trying out Trello at the moment. Worth a look if you want something simple for a small team.
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Zoho Projects
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Also starting to use Asana, but have had good success with Podio as well.
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Just came across this:
10 Effective Project Management Software That Simplify Your Tasks
- it seems to link to 10 free project management apps - this may help you in your search!
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A Whiteboard. No, seriously.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the suggestions. Currently exploring which one is the best fit for my needs.
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