Help with Flash Builder Actionscript 3 Programming
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Need help with Flash Builder to load images from directory into HGroup.

I really need help with this! I have looked high and low for an easy example I can learn from and can't find anything. I am turning to here as a last resort. I know there are plenty of examples of coverflow with images so there must be a way.

I am creating an online store with Flash Builder 4 and need to load product images into an TileGroup Container for display to whoever visits the app web page. The images will be stored in a directory so the app will need to read the directory to get the file image names and load them into the Tile Group Container. I do not want to hard code the image names and I do not want to use Adobe Air.

Can anyone help give me a lucid example that might be simple enough for me to learn from and understand as a newbie?
Thanks for any help with this!
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I'm fairly sure Flash isn't allowed to access the filesystem like Air, so unfortunately you will either have to hard code the filenames or manually list them in an external file.

If the file names can just be sequential, you could automate it a little by loading them one at a time until you get an error back, but that's pretty nasty.
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Thanks for the quick response, but how do all of those websites load their coverflow applications? I'm sure they don't hardcode every image they plan to load?
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They probably get a server-side language to provide the Flash player with a file listing.

I've done something similar before, where I had a PHP file produce an XML listing of image files (filtered by *.jpg or *.jpeg) in a particular location.
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Thanks all, I will look into generating a PHP File.
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