What is the Source of this Logo?
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Graphic Design/Logo filter: Where can I find the logo with the following terms: "Privacy" "Fair Use" "Innovation" and "Freedom of Expression"?

During a subway ride in Manhattan late last week, I noticed a passenger with a t-shirt that read "Privacy" "Fair Use" "Innovation" and "Freedom of Expression" and featured colorful related icons. I should have asked him about it, but didn't.

The concepts and the t-shirt's design intrigued me (and might interest other MeFites). Do you know their source?

Googling makes me think the likely candidate is the Electronic Frontier Foundation (http://www.eff.org/), but I didn't find the logo on the organization's site.

Point me in the right direction, please.
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You were right - it was EFF, their 15th anniversary shirt. They provide the graphics as eps files, and it's Creative Commons licensed.
posted by sysinfo at 4:02 AM on August 20, 2006

They also have eps files of the individual logos here. Assuming the design is the one you were looking for, that is.
posted by sysinfo at 4:07 AM on August 20, 2006

Outstanding turnaround. Thanks.
posted by NYCinephile at 4:29 AM on August 20, 2006

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