Where can I find a good quality picture of 1984 the movie's glaring eye dictator.
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I'm looking for a good quality picture of this http://www.manics.nl/images/phr_bigbrother.jpg I can't seem to find one on GIS, maybe I have its name wrong! Thanks.
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Not much bigger, but much better quality: link.

You can zero in more by adding 1984 to your search, rather than just Big Brother.
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Response by poster: That link gives me a 403 forbidden.
Any chance you can upload it to imageshack.us?
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You can copy the link address, and paste it into the location bar. This works for anything that blocks by referrer.
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Here is another, and another. You can try regular Googling (not GIS) for "big brother" "bob flag" (the actor who portrayed him in the movie) to find a few more, probably.
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