Lead us not into the Garment District...
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Fabric Stores in NYC?

We want to buy fabric and patterns this afternoon. Despite our proximity to the Garment District, what we are looking for is a more comfortable, familiar shopping experience. Like when you go to gigantic fabric stores in the suburbs and there are five women all named Louise wearing red aprons who can answer all your questions. Call it a sociological craving.

Is there a store in (or accessible from) New York City that provides a less hectic, less cramped, friendly fabric-and-pattern-buying experience?
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There are many Jo-Ann Fabric stores in close proximity. That is the vibe you were going for, right?
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Yes, definitely, but am still holding out for something a little closer than Staten Island, just in case someone knows of such a thing.
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P&S is near canal street and is pretty great, but the first floor is a bit crowded and there are no old ladies. Mood has a really knowledgeable, friendly staff, tons of fabric and there is room to move around. It is a bit harder to find deals, but the prices were not outrageous.
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Get to around 37th and seventh avenue. That's the center of the fashion district and it's brimming with all kinds of fabric shops.
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I second P&S, they have a wide selection and it is not always crowded. Caveat: it is run by Hasidic Jews and is not open on Saturday. In my opinion, the best time to go is Sunday morning. Afterwards you can walk over to Chinatown for lunch.
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parmanparman, did you read the question? He doesn't want the garment district.
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The problem with the gigantic fabric stores in the 'burbs--or Joann's, anyway--is that maybe a third of the store is devoted to fabric/sewing stuff. The rest of it's framing, fake flowers, scrapbooking, kiddie crafts, etc. Even now they're revamping to accomodate more of the crafty stuff. And the fabric they do carry is almost always cotton or polyester. Good luck finding rayon, silk, wool, or anything that isn't cotton/poly. Ugh.

One thing I will concede: Joann's sometimes has some awesome pattern sales. Lately it's been $2 for Butterick and McCall's, and $4 for Vogue. I'd suggest you try to find a Hancock Fabrics, but all the stores in NY are outside the city proper.
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I'm a little late to help for this afternoon, but in addition to P&S (which I'll third), Save-a-thon is a local chain with stores in the boroughs and outer reaches of Manhattan that's got what you're looking for. Wide variety of fabrics plus notions and trimmings, bolts of the size and shape you see at JoAnns instead of 12' cardboard tubes thrown in piles against the walls, craft supplies, etc.
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Way late to the party, but there's a fabric store on 30th Ave in Astoria. I can't remember what it's called, but it's on 30th Ave, between 34th & 36th streets.
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